Taking on a remodeling project in your home can be a memorable event. Whether you have decided to change due to selling your home or simply because you want a fresh, updated look, there are quite a few things you should take into consideration before tackling the job. In this blog, we will discuss 10 things you should consider before remodeling your kitchen so you’re fully prepared.

Your Basic Concept

Before making your first move, it’s important to have a basic concept of what you want for your new space. Do the old cabinets need to go? Is there a particular color you have your heart set on? Ask yourself what you want from the project before you jump in and start the work.


Unfortunately, money comes into play with almost everything. Decide how much you can spend on your project before jumping in head first. Having this information ready when you discuss options with your contractor is a must.

The Right Contractor

Finding the right Atlanta kitchen remodeling company is your next step. Choose a company you feel comfortable with. Share your concept and ideas. They will help you bring your new kitchen to life with work you can trust.

Permits and Permissions

Before starting any project around your house, you should find out what special permits are needed, if any. This is another area where your Atlanta kitchen remodeling company can help. Often, they know what is needed to begin a project and will lead you on the right path to getting it.

Give Notice

Remodeling can be a bit loud. Before getting started, it may be best to reach out to those who could be affected by your project. Let the neighbors know what’s up so they aren’t surprised by the ruckus.

Get Prepared

Yes, you are tackling a big project. This means certain things must be done before getting started. Turn off the water, move your valuables and prepare your space properly. Keep in mind, construction gets messy so be ready for it.

The Flow

Now that you’re ready to start the work, the time has come to speak to the Atlanta kitchen remodeling company you’ve chosen about the flow of the room. Yes, even kitchens have a particular flow. You want yours to stand out but not hurt the overall feel of your home. Your experts can help you with this.

The Perfect Cabinets

Every kitchen needs the perfect cabinets. This part is where the fun starts. Not only do you get to choose the cabinets you want, but you also get to decide whether you need more cabinet space or less. What kitchen doesn’t need a few extra cabinets?


Are you a fan of granite countertops? Will laminate make your project stand out? With the many options available when it comes to countertops, take your time and research which option is best suited for your new kitchen and your tastes.


When deciding which appliances are needed, you’ll find yourself with several options to choose from. Although brands differ, they all do the same job. Choose the ones best suited to your design and your preference.

For information on choosing the right Atlanta kitchen remodeling company, contact us to learn more.