Project Description

Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room Remodel in Senoia, GA

This project was such a joy to work on! From the design to the install, this project took about 5 weeks to complete. Our 3-step clean process kept the homeowners at peace and ensured their home didn’t turn into a renovation dust disaster.

Kitchen Remodel in Senoia GA

The Kitchen took about 3 weeks to complete from design to install. This project was special because the owner had a fairly small 10×10 kitchen and wanted to make it look and feel bigger with better organization. The cabinets were made of high-quality maple which we stained to match the customer’s preference. The granite countertops matched the design perfectly. The open shelving added that modern farmhouse feel our customer was looking for.

Bathroom Remodel in Senoia GA

The Bathroom took about 2 weeks to complete from design to install. The homeowners had a challenge with space in their bathroom and wanted to maximize organization with a modern feel. This included a half-bath and a full bathroom remodel.